<h2>The Elephant Man</h2><br />Poster & Programme design sketch (1985)

The Elephant Man

Poster & Programme design sketch (1985)
<h2>The Tempest</h2><br />Specialist Properties (2012)

The Tempest

Specialist Properties (2012)
<h2>Aslan</h2><br />Watercolour on board   90 x 170 cm approx. (1998)


Watercolour on board 90 x 170 cm approx. (1998)
<h2>Icon</h2><br />Set Decoration


Set Decoration
<h2>Measure for Measure</h2><br />Set Decoration (2001)

Measure for Measure

Set Decoration (2001)
<h2>Come On Jeeves</h2><br />Programme Design

Come On Jeeves

Programme Design
<h2>Accidental Death of an Anarchist</h2><br />Scenic Artist (1991)

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Scenic Artist (1991)
<h2>Not About Heroes</h2><br />Set Decoration

Not About Heroes

Set Decoration
<h2>Portrait</h2><br />Set Decoration


Set Decoration
<h2>Anthony & Cleopatra</h2><br />Artistic Design (1992)

Anthony & Cleopatra

Artistic Design (1992)
<h2>Last of the Red Hot Lovers</h2><br />Backdrop

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

<h2>A Separate Peace</h2><br />Scenic Painting (2003)

A Separate Peace

Scenic Painting (2003)